Born in Paris, France.
Ph.D in Archaeology, Sorbonne, Paris.
Post-doctoral research at Harvard University, USA - 2004-2007.
Lives and works in New-York and Paris.
Artist statement:
Archaeological Imaginary
Archaeology is not only about delving into the past to understand how things used to be. Like contemporary art, it also addresses present questions and concerns. Because archaeology has become a modern myth of discovery and disappearance, my creative practice works with the public archaeological imaginery.

Art and Science
I am developing projects and installations at the crossroad of research and creation, mixing contemporary art with archaeology. In this vein I draw upon my 15 years of archaeological experience in research and fieldwork to develop a creative practice connecting the past to the present and fiction to reality.

Site specific installations
Most of my creations are site-specific "art-chaeological" installations, mixing performance and excavations. When my works are exhibited they are multimedia installations using photos, videos and objects.